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Contrary to popular belief, Europe could actually learn an important bit in the mosaic called "success" from Germany. My several years long experience with scores of Beamte (German public servant) is that they are given quite a wiggle room by the law and they tend to use it with consideration of all parties involved. Single mother failed to file a tax report appendix gets a different treatment than a used car dealership making the same mistake third time in a row. It is my unsubstantiated feeling that the loose law is not abused to a greater degree than a seemingly strict one in other countries. Matters of public interest, like this one, are accompanied by a sentence or two of explanation, again, usually to the point and without much political newspeak. I like to call it a governance soft skill, and to a great regret of the almost dead citizen in me it is not given the sort of attention it ought to earn in other countries proclaiming the intent to get as rich and effective in governing as Germany.

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