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Tech sector unites in attempt to avoid Oz's anti-crypto push, again

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If Australians want Encrypted Text Chat, Encrypted Videophone, Encrypted Email and Encrypted File Transfer then I already have a solution and WILL GIVE IT AWAY UTTERLY FOR FREE for you to download workable on ANY Tablet, Smartphone and Desktop that has HTML-5 enabled browser OR a Java-enabled scripting system. I use Shor's Algorithm Resistant encryption (i.e. Lattice-based anti-quantum computing encryption) AND TRIPLE AES-256 (768 bits) so you can keep your data files, media and personal communications completely ENCRYPTED using either or both PEER-to-PEER and Client/Server connections! We are in final product testing mode, so within 45 days you can keep your privacy intact from prying eyes. (aka The Five Eyes aka Echelon System).

We were going to introduce this technology anyways at the 45 day time window, but this announcement from Australia simply ticked us off to no end, so we added some further teaks to INCREASE privacy AND it works as a second invisible layer ON TOP of you using your normal Web-based email and messaging systems (Outlook, GMail, Skype, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, etc) so EVEN IF the idiots have server and network-based tools and court orders to access data at the service provider, your data and communications are STILL ENCRYPTED at the local machine and peer level BYPASSING EVERYTHING they do at the back end! And me doing OPEN SOURCE FREE software means they can do dip diddley all!

The Australian guy is A TECHNOLOGICAL KNOW-NOTHING AND A SIMPLE IDIOT ....AND...I just bypassed his ENTIRE LEGISLATIVE BILL by me being CANADIAN and making ENCRYPTED COMMUNICATIONS SOFTWARE available for you Australians (And anyone else for that matter!) that can be downloaded for UTTERLY FREE !!!

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