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Still don't get it

I still don't see how any operator other than Openreach or Virgin can make the business case work.

Consumer broadband is a low margin business and not something you can easily recoup billions from. Openreach and Virgin already have the customer base to make it work, and both can make huge cost savings from jettisoning twisted pair and coaxial copper.

There will be taxpayer subsidies on offer but not so much for urban areas. So much for the gold rush.

Perhaps this is why Cityfibre suggested they'll sue if Openreach is allowed to ditch copper - they know they're on shaky ground, allowing forced migrations (which seems perfectly reasonable if FTTH is there) makes it much harder for them to win custom, and most ISPs will prefer the known quantity (i.e. Openreach)

Seems like we're repeating history again. Forced competition didn't work for cable TV and it's not worked for mobile. It won't work for FTTH.

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