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I don't think that's a fair assessment.

I've chatted w the senior execs at Horton, Cloudera and MapR.

Horton had an interesting 'go to market' strategy and tried to compete on price and selling services. There's a couple of flaw's in Rob's plan. At first they gained market share by undercutting Cloudera. But there were gaps in what was being offered and they got hammered.

It was and is pretty easy to convert customers from HDP to Cloudera and Vice versa. Of the three big vendors, MapR, to this date, still has the fewest number of defections. What this suggests is that people who chose MapR, made a conscious decision based on the product's merit and not cheapest license cost.

Even Cloudera isn't out of the woods. They got a huge lift by Intel a few years back, before the IPO. Still they too have issues in terms of profitability.

There's a flaw in the Open Source model. In order to succeed, you need to have a buyer big enough and willing to pony up the cash.

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