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Correct. Its Cal or NorCal. Cali is hipster / dot comer. Folk from not around here. Recently arrived, soon departed.

As for SF. San Fran is about as far as it goes. 'Frisco ceased to even be ironic sometime before the first slackers arrived, in the early 1990's. The locals call it The City. Mainly to annoy everyone else in the Bay Area. Keeping up a tradition of annoying the neighbors since around 1847. When the little village Juana Briones founded started to grow.

Because there is only one City in California. The band Journey even wrote a song about it.

P.S. If you were not born in The City the locals will consider you an honorary native, one of us, if you can join in with Loma Prieta earthquake stories. I discovered this recently on a number 22 bus. The non locals on the bus were very bemused by this impromptu coffee klatch at the back of the bus. Locals wapping stories of death and destruction that sunny afternoon almost thirty years ago.

Its a SF thing.

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