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"It's exactly like you. You want to play with phishers. Don't. They do this for a living, they are better at it than you are, they will win."

You know nothing about me. You know nothing about what I know.

You seem to think that reading an email in "mailx" (unix, command line) somehow opens me up to all sorts of hassle.

You seem to think that me fetching a page url with fetch/curl or opening it in w3m will pwn me.

You don't know about the work I did with rfc822 back in 1991, or the "reverse engineering" of session-based (cookie/GET token/POST token/other http headers) web sites I did professionally (BT regretted that I did) a number of years ago.

You presumably think that because someone posts crappy jokes, and comments with terrible spelling, they are somehow inferior.

So shut-up. You don't know me. You don't know what I know.

And please inform me next time I've stumbled from the "El Reg" forums into a high-level professional techinal meeting. I promise to wear a suit. It will probably impress you.

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