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Re: "GDPR failed because it did not mandate a users right to clearly say NO"

The problem is, most companies seem to have taken the stance that whatever they don't feel like turning off is now "essential" and there's no way to change that short of actually challenging that.

Also, while most are now actually offering the option to turn of _some stuff_, the actual deal is "either click here to accept maximum slurping, endure a literal third of your screen being obscured by a mega-banner until you do, or manually untick 135 pre-ticked checkboxes on the provided settings page (and do it all over again next time unless you're comfortable with us knowing that it's _you_ visiting every damn time you look at any of our pages)".

Why the hell isn't there an _anonymous_ setting / cookie / whatever I can use to simply proactively declare to each website I visit "only technically unavoidable cookies please"? Or if there is (considering DNT sounds an awful lot like that) why wasn't that made legally binding...?

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