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Barrie Shepherd

Re: What about Windows 10 that Office is sitting on?

Off topic but....

"If I, say, accidentally exceed the speed limit because I didn’t spot a sign, no amount of explaining will make any difference if I get caught."

Even more unfair if the speed limit is not related to any accident black spot, road safety or road condition but because it's a 'smart motorway' and they can, in an attempt to get air pollution down to EU requirements. Millions spent on smart motorways and we have to travel at 60 mph. (South Yorks., Notts, and Derbys.)

Back on topic.....

In my view the GDPR failed because it did not mandate a users right to clearly say NO to all this data snooping. The rule still seems to be "If you want to use my SW you have to accept me snooping, I just have to ask you to note that I do these things - even if it's not relevant to the SW operation" Android Apps being the worst offenders.

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