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Re: What about Windows 10 that Office is sitting on?

The report (the pdf) itself gives some "amusing" insight...

Page 12 of 91...

Technical limitations

"The technical lab was unable to inspect the contents of the outgoing data stream. As an essential security measure, Microsoft encodes the outgoing traffic to its own servers. Microsoft did not provide tools to the lab to decode the outgoing data stream."

How surprising...

"It was not (yet) possible to view the contents of the traffic in another way, because Microsoft had not yet developed a tool to be able to view the diagnostic data in a way similar to the Data Viewer Tool provided for the Windows 10 telemetry data."

Really..? So MS gathers, encrypts, sends, and stores data they can't view?

"However, Privacy Company is working with Microsoft to analyse the collected telemetry data. Microsoft has also offered a test version of a data viewer tool to be teste <sic> by SLM Rijk."

Yours sincerely, your helpful Government.

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