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Re: "The Dutch authorities are working with the company to fix the situation"

Hear hear! Because let's be honest, we're focussing on Microsoft here (by default). And yes, they do deserve it. But think about this; you've got access to the cream of the IT crop in your country. You've the resources to do it right (after all, governments don't have money, it's their citizens). There are all these rumours flying around about "data slurp". And still, with all these opportunities, info, and resources, you (vendor) lock yourself in and afterwards moan about Microsoft doing something EVERYBODY knows they do.


You pitiful government! My heart bleeds for you. Especially with your "it wasn't me" arrogant remark about "exploring open standards". If you really knew what you were doing you'd have done that long ago. Ah well, go talk to the city of Munich. They tried it there too, only to reverse it for a zillion euros after Uncle Steve paid them a personal visit. And promised them "advantages" like financial support and HQs in the city... And as we know (Dutch) government officials never ever are sensitive to persuasion. As history shows...

Oh, and for the cloggers taking offence to my comments: ever taken a good look at the IT of your "Belasting Dients"? Guess they are so committed "to serving the community", that's why they are having issues now with "all employees using the opportunity to leave with a huge bag of money..." Or even try to run their code in VM or without js. Yes, indeed, you can't. I should stop, take my pill and a coffee. I'm getting to old for this sh*t...

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