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empower a handful as super-rich as long as they play along, ... bombastic bob

Is that a good or a great reason for playing along in a long game infested with short sellers, bb?

It certainly has an obvious and even vulgar attraction to those able to empower and be empowered with the promise of riches beyond compare and the reach of carpetbaggers and faux emperors alike.:-)

It is surely not too bad a play, given the energy that it generates for second and third party delivery, especially by those few, who may be more than just a handful and unexpectedly smart, with no real interest in super-rich wealth, other than what it easily purchases to set free and share with others one meets or be travelling elsewhere in a parallel mirroring exercises and enterprises.

Do not forget to remember .... The man who dies rich, dies disgraced? .... Andrew Carnegie?

And your view of the Chinese is unbelievable, bombastic bob, and such renders many vulnerabilities for systemic exploitation.

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