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Bloody Hell !!! (All in a Cockney accent!) He's startin' ta sound like me!

ALL BOMBASTIC with too many UPPERCASE and lowercase SENTENCES !!!!

Anyways, China is what China is and WILL DO what it feels like doing WHEN it feels like doing so!

Unless YOUR COUNTRY also has 1.5 billion people graduating 250,000 ENGINEERS PER YEAR then you're going to hafta take it up-da-wazoo since your country is HIGHLY LIKELY to be very dependent upon technology and systems developed in China and IMPORTED into your country!

The BASIC fact of the matter is....that the MAJORITY of your own country's people are TOO LAZY and TOO STOOOOOPID to even HOPE to match the intellectual, financial and manufacturing capability of Chinese industry! To put it mildly BUT TRUTHFULLY, YOU and your fellow countrymen and countrywomen DO NOT HAVE what it takes to be technological powerhouses. You don't have the educated and compliant workforces! You DO NOT HAVE the sheer financial and marketing capital NOR do you have the technological SKILLS to even HOPE TO COMPETE on the world's stage of high technology!

Unless you're Germany, USA, Japan, France, Switzerland or CHINA, your country IS ABSOLUTELY DEPENDENT UPON the world's POWERHOUSES for high technology of ANY SORT !!!!!!!!!!!!

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