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Nimble/HPE leads the way...

Legacy Nimble/Current HPE guy here...

First and foremost, Nimble is still alive and kicking, trust me! Our Support team is still the same/still awesome, and R&D is running on all cylinders (keep your eyes/ears open!), and we are having a blast!

Second, Sincerest form of flattery and all set aside...

5 years ago (actually longer, but I am trying to be nice) there were ZERO Predictive Analytics/AI/Machine Learning offerings in storage or anywhere else in the IT industry...Nimble comes to the plate with InfoSight and now everybody has something they are "calling" PA/AI/ML...but do the research yourself, if it isn't ACTUALLY InfoSight, it most certainly IS NOT InfoSight... "like" or otherwise!

Case in point: Ask a new Nimble customer what they like about their array 4-6 months after install and they will tell you they like the performance, ease of use, integration, features, etc. Ask them the same question 12-16 months later...there response is "I Love InfoSight"! They take the storage for granted, not because it isn't an outstanding product, but because storage should NOT be something to focus on, it should just be a resource that does its job without babysitting!

Speeds and feeds are old news, what vendors do with the hardware, and what they do above it, is all that is relevant! Don't get caught up in buzzwords, non-ratified protocols, and smoke and mirrors. Things ARE, or they ARE NOT...there is no "like"!

HPE is interested in IT running at the speed of business, not the traditional business at the speed of IT!

Just my $.02

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