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This particular horse has long bolted the stable. The Chinese now know how to make their own stuff.

What's going on in China is not much different from what happened with Japan years ago. Japanese products were considered to be cheap, inferior, knockoffs to British products, which they were for the most part. The Japanese copied, they learned, they made mistakes but eventually they found their stride. Nobody could accuse them of building inferior products these days.

The only solution is to think in terms of sports leagues rather than geopolitics. If you've won the Cup this year then there's only two choices for next year -- redouble your efforts to stay on top or lose out to a competitor. There is no law of Nature that dictates that you stay on top 'just because' -- England found this out over the last century and the US is in the process of learning the same lesson.

BTW -- Its also not helpful to think of Chinese people as intellectually inferior to us Western super-beings. Not only is this a colonial era hangover but if you've had to work with them you'll realize that Chinese people are every bit as smart as we are -- and there are a whole lot more of them than us.

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