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>I'm pretty sure that we had (ultrasonic?) TV remotes in the 1960s...

Maybe in the US but infra-red remotes became pretty much standard in the UK by the early 80s, you had to go to America to see TVs with bona-fide channel change dials. The change was brought about in the UK because digital tuners were cheaper to make and you needed something to operate Teletext with.

>But analog signals had poor resolution? Yes, they did.

Actually, not really. Certainly in the US and the old 405 line system in the UK but the 625 analog system had a 6.5MHz luminance bandwidth which actually comparable to a modern high definition set (its difficult to map digital to analog resolution but I reckon you'd need at least 10000 pixels line resolution to get the same kind of analog resolution you could theoretically get from a UK TV set). (Naturally the on-air transmission and color encoding/decoding would knock that back a bit, as would be the limited resolution of the cameras and contemporary recording equipment.)

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