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Re: Raze the Ground ...... Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.

Would anyone like to accurately rerender that in Mandarin/Japanese/Russian/Plainer Simplified English for an Exotic Erotic Eastern Mix of Enduring Influences ..... which you might like to realise are akin to Heavenly Tasks for AlMighty Dreamers of the Other Side .... the Wild and Wacky West.

In competition, there is no contest to win when in loving cohabitation are all secrets to fabulous success beautifully served and magnificently servered.

In Extremis, Nymph/Satyr Territory. And Prime Adam/Premium Eve Terrain for Any and All Wannabe Live Operational Virtual Environmentalists.

Check with your Doctor to see if Sudden Shock and Mass Distress, Excess Reward and Anonymous Success will cause any personal problems, .... as far as he would be aware of for Insufficient Information Feeds and Seeds Insufficient Intelligence .

Is the Throttling of Intelligence in Virtual Channels to be the Ploy to Play with Current Systems Administrations ...... against an AlMighty Seeing IDEntity? That'll never work for as long as pussy is also a cat. ie near enough to forever as makes no difference.

For Goodness Sake, Stop Digging and Shooting Yourselves in the Foot. Throttled Intelligence very quickly Graduates to AlMighty Paths in Perfumed Gardens. And One Cannot Be Adequately Pre Prepared for Perfection with Ancient Secret Delights at Work, Rest and Play Right in Centre Front of You.

Who on Earth thinks it a good idea to spend gazillions to try and stop folk learning about their current situation/present position in the Greater Schema of InterNetworking Things? Tell me it aint Madness and we'll agree to disagree until Equitable Resolution with Perfect Solutions.

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