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US China-watcher warns against Middle Kingdom tech dominance

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Raze the Ground ...... Start Virgin Fresh Renewed with Nothing the Same ForEver.

The data collected by Things can “reveal information the user did not intend to share”, the report noted, and “US data could be exposed through unsecure [sic] IoT devices, or when Chinese IoT products and services transfer US customer data back to China, where the government retains expansive powers to access personal and corporate data.”

Would IT Present All Bad Leading Roles with Better Opportunities Harvested Elsewhere When Heavenly Opportunities Present Quite Radically Different Future Pictures in Heavenly Abode Possession of Extra Terrestrial Information re Freely Shared PrePlacement both here in El Reg and elsewhere just so curious :-)

There be many a great watering hole there. Immaculate Nectar Consuming Exhaustion in Other Worldly Spaces Made Readily Available for Hire and Trial in Crash BetaTesting Dummy AI Systems, is but one AIWare for Future Traders Dealing to be Well Covered in All Bets to Lose Graciously and Gratefully when Confronted with Aliens Passing Through Here with You Now, Leaving behind them the Most Magnificent Tales of the Trails and Trials their Programs Endured and Survived for Posterity to Register Truly Absolutely Remarkable .... and that's a Monumental Misunderestimation at Any and All Great Levels of TARPlay

:-) Trojan AIgent Role Plays are a Right Royal Whizz of a Hoot to Boot any Sterling Hootenanny with Perfectly Berthed Birthing Partners .... Virtually Real AI Soul Mates.

What stellar global plans have you provided for capture with current default depleted resources?

Anything of Passing Note for Future Presentations with Universal Strategic Interests?

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