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I'm pretty sure that we had (ultrasonic?) TV remotes in the 1960s, but that was a long time ago and I could be off by a decade. Anyway, they worked and weren't much different from modern remotes from a user POV. And I don't remember when "instant -on" came to TVs. Maybe not until the 1970s. So maybe in the 1960s we had to wait for the TV to warm up -- not much different than waiting for a modern TV to boot. OTOH, modern digital signals take much longer to sync than analog signals did, so channel surfing was faster and easier half a century ago.

But analog signals had poor resolution? Yes, they did. Have you looked at typical TV programming. Why would anyone care much about resolution? And the analog signals propagated better. I need an outdoor antenna and an amplifier to watch "local" stations, I could get a perfectly OK analog signal from on rabbit-ears 20 years ago.

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