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well, it COULD be 'The Chinese Century', if the USA and other western countries keep doing "the stupid thing" and relying on China's cheap labor force [read: exploiting them] while simultaneously EMPOWERING a COMMUNIST government that has, in the past, expressed a desire to spread its influence upon the world forcibly.

And when you look at what they do to their OWN people [exploit the masses, empower a handful as super-rich as long as they play along, etc.] as well as engage in predatory trade practices with other countries, violate their intellectual property, and so on... not very smart handing them the plans to "everything".

In the USA, and in UK and EU, we'd do well to start building lights-out factories to build our schtuff.

Until then, we'd be wise to STOP! TEACHING! THEM! HOW! TO! MAKE! THE! COOL! STUFF!!! Ship the chips, ship the pre-programmed ROMS, and let them build circuit boards and wire up stuff. When they start fabbing the high-tech components like CPUs and RAM, that's where the problems begin.

But yeah, they kinda *ENGINEERED* that for themselves with the whole "local supply chain" thing, didn't they?

Now, philosophically, USA, UK, and EU have a significant advantage: our cultures do NOT demand conformance and 'hammer down the nail that sticks out' the way they do "over there". As such, our engineers tend to be MORE CREATIVE than those who are in China. You can downvote the hell out of me for saying so, because I don't care. It's just simply TRUE, because a FREE PEOPLE are free to THINK DIFFERENT and a CAPITALIST society REWARDS you for being good at it. China is STILL COMMUNIST and as such, they have "that" as a HUGE roadblock to true innovation. And though they'll have one or two 'bright sparks' over there that would do it simply "for the lulz", there's NO way they can compete with a FREE nation's engineering prowess.

But they'll always be VERY good at REVERSE engineering...

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