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So I unfortunately still have a lot of dealings with Oracle...

So I've been reading humorous IT stuff and nonsense from the bilges of the good ship El Reg for a good few years now, but this statement must be up there as one the funniest and deluded things I've had the pleasure of snorting a mouthful of tea all over my keyboard over...

"We are convinced that if given the opportunity to compete, DoD would choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for a very substantial portion of its workloads because OCI delivers the best, most performant and most secure product available at the best price."

So... dear Oracle, you may be deludedly convinced. But no-one else is. You barely have the in house skills to manage, train and consult on your own products - so only Herodotus knows why anyone would trust you with a contract of this size. Which BTW includes a load of non-cloud related stuff that you simply don't have a track record in doing.

IBM will get it. That's my $0.10 worth. HP at a distant second. None of the others will be trusted by Donald Gump and his cronies as they are foreign owned, and therefore very scary.

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