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Nimble guy here... You guys are way off base with your comments. We haven't raised our prices. For example, Pure Storage is more expensive than buying a Nimble system and it offers much less. Our reliability is superb. We have >15,000 customers running on InfoSight and >25,000 systems deployed. I have yet to hear a complaint. Our support has not been outsourced, Nimble Tier 3 is the same as its always been... call the 800 number and talk directly to a Tier 3 Support engineer. Try that with the competitors, you'll start at Tier 1. InfoSight takes care of those Tier 1 and 2 issues, that's why everyone and their brother is copying it and claiming AI capability. Gartner recognizes that its now a requirement in enterprise environments. And, our storage portfolio is aligned, MSA through the channels, Nimble in the general purpose/enterprise zone, 3PAR in the performance zone, and XP7 in the enterprise. NetApp is getting attention because they went back and 'farmed' their existing customer base for 3-4 quarters and made their revenue look good. We hardly saw them at all in customer accounts, what are they going to do now. Take the analysts with a grain of salt, the quadrant is a barometer that changes based upon who's tooting their horn the loudest and its very subjective. It's a starting point when you're looking for a system. Now you have the competitive scoop.

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