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I remember that era too. I also remember having to fiddle around on the command line every time I switched networks.

I wonder if it's because I'd used OpenDNS (and hard-wired into the config) - I honestly had little or no trouble changing things.

But with your mention of CLI I did some digging and on backups from an old machine[1] I have a few configuration files for different networks but no reference to the files in the bash history file (which was getting pretty big), aside for one that was created for ad-hoc wireless networks. I can't quite remember why, perhaps when I travelled I did some network gaming with someone who didn't have a hub/switch at their place or something.

Also, if you got 1990s Linux to actually wake up from sleep consistently you were doing pretty well. ;)

Until Devuan, I've not had much luck with sleep or hibernate on Linux for some years, especially on Mint. The hardware ranges from 2007-era machines to 2017-era machines (one with an 8 core AMD CPU that still sells for $hundreds, though I cannot remember the model or spec off the top of my head).

With Mint, the machine would often hang with sleep and while it'd seem to hibernate OK, it'd not come back up to the same place. I generally configure swap as more than double RAM, often a fair bit more in hopes of adding RAM later (eg with 8G ram I'd do a 32G swap, assuming I have the HDD space). With Devuan, on that same desktop and with the D630 laptop I'm using right now sleep/hibernate work as expected.

[1] Yes, I have backups of home folders and desktops covering nearly 2 decades. I definitely have to post anonymously otherwise men in pretty white coats will be knocking on my door!

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