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Thank $deity that week's over. Look, here's some trippy music generated from pixels of a Martian sunrise to play us out

Martin Gregorie Silver badge

Some other algorithmic music

Thats an odd way to compose music, but the result turned out better than I was expecting from the description.

For a somewhat more intentional and certainly less random way of generating music, how about a slow-news day piece about Supercollider,

- "a platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound."

Something about "burglar music", a programmatic composition method would sit well with a piece about Supercollider, since it should be well suited to composing with this technique.

Todd Yvega

sorted out how to do this on a Synclavier. You can hear an example of his work if you listen to: 'Calculus', the last track on "Dance Me This", Frank Zappa's last album:

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