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Enterprise SATA?

Most enterprise storage systems use SAS drive connections. The first 7,200 RPM SATA capacity drives used additional electronic connectors in the drive sled to connect a single-connected SATA drive to a dual connected SAS drive enclosure backplane.

There are some servers, "storage servers" and HCI appliances which used SATA SSDs, but give the use case for these drives will not be transnational workloads (based on the low DWPD), and the likelyhood they would need to be in an all-flash array with inline efficiencies to reduce drive writes, suggests this would have been better served with a SAS interface.

I think there may still be a place for SAS connected SSDs in all-flash arrays for QLC SSDs and high drive count use cases, where cost is more important than maximum performance. It is far less costly to build and scale out hundreds of SAS drives compared to NVMe, which requires more costly electronics and cabling.

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