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We don' need no stinkin' bounties: VirtualBox guest-to-host escape zero-day lands at GitHub

bombastic bob Silver badge

when Sun bought VirtualBox the first thing I saw was increased support over what qemu and kqemu had given you [what virtualbox was originally based on]. I saw devotion to NON-windows operating systems and I was happy. I think Sun was behind multi-core support in virtualbox, which I thought was AWESOME.

So far I'm not seeing "bad things" while Oracle has it, although you might say that the lack of urgent response to zero-days and months-long delays in fixing might be Oracle's bureaucracy...

oh, and that dreaded "just get the newest version" so-called FIX that was also mentioned in another post... this is open source and patches _ARE_ possible, given a pull request that can be adapted to earlier (stable) releases [as needed].

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