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John Brown (no body) Silver badge

"I have a perfectly valid paper driving license

that is currently valid for at least another 10 years"

Me too! An on using it both as ID and on one occasion getting a courtesy car from a main dealer during a service, I've had to disabuse people of the notion that it's no longer valid. A main car dealer really should have no excuse for not knowing (she had to go get a manager to check).

I've also used my company ID badge as proof of identity, and that's a pretty poor badge. Anyone could produce better at home :-)

I've even had difficulty getting into some schools (very rarely), where I'm there by appointment, they called us to come repair the computer, I have the call details including make/model/serial number and the name of the person who logged the call.

What generally happens is people are given examples of what are acceptable types of ID and that rapidly becomes, inside their own heads, the ONLY acceptable type of ID.

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