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Device change Password back to Default and Allow Login from the WEB

My last DLINK device was a VONAGE adapter/Wireless Router I bought in 2008. It would allow you to change the default SSID but no matter what you do it would change the WIFI password back to the default but retain the SSID. The default password was of course password.

It gets worst.

It would also change to the default to allow login on the WAN port from the rest of the world no matter what you do and change the login and password for accessing the router back to the default spontaneously. You do a config and save it and it seems ok. You can log out and log back in with the new login you configured. A few days later you cant login with the configured login, but you are able to login with the default. Surprisingly, only the security config would return to default, all the other configuration changes are retained.

We purchased the router from VONAGE who refused to provide any support. I have not used a single D-Link device since.

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