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IMO AMD will have to maintain their edge for a couple more years to make a big inroad into Intel's market share, simply because it takes many months if not years for a large corp to switch over to new gear.

AMD do have a great opportunity to go for the jugular. Four years ago Intel gear was seen as fast and reliable, but multiple rounds of patching BIOSes and OSes to fix Intel faults (not forgetting basic stuff like default admin creds in their 'security' related offerings) has changed people's perceptions, Intel gear is now seen as slow, insecure and flaky.

Let's hope AMD keep pushing forward, make patching a rare and painless process (in contrast to Intel) and don't make any major missteps - it'll be good for everyone. Having a viable alternative architecture that exhibits stable performance characteristics over time is very useful (I can't say critical because we got by with Intel's random 10 million variables and BIOS settings to work out what your clock rate might be technology for so long).

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