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Duncan Macdonald Silver badge

6 cores vs 32 ??

The EPYC has up to 32 cores, up to 2TB max memory and 128 PCIe lanes vs up to 6 cores and 64GB (128 GB later) and 16 PCIe lanes for the E 2100 series.

(Even the Threadripper 2950X has 16 cores, up to 1TB memory and 60 available PCIe lanes.)

The only advantage of the E2100 series is a higher clock frequency - for most server workloads this will fail to meet the performance advantage of the extra cores of the Threadripper let alone the EPYC.

The E 2100 series is NOT a competitor to the EPYC - it is not even much of a competitor to the Threadripper 2950X.

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