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Cascade Lake Advanced Performance?

So if you go with Intel you'll get the CLAP?


If I were in the market for a server (or a entire farm of them) then I'd be inclined to go with AMD anyway. It seems like every time AMD releases a chip with X cores, Intel announces one with X+Y & claims it'll be better. But then it actually hits the market, gets compared to the AMD it's supposed to replace, & turns out to be either the same as or even slightly worse than the AMD. Meanwhile AMD has come out with X+Y+Z & is running merry rings around Intel like a happy yappy little UnderDog that is all too delighted to piddle on Intels feet.

Even if AMD is only a few percentage points +/- Intels offerings, that still means Intel has to *work* to earn our business. THAT means they can't just sit back on their fat arses, charge us the moon for microscopic increments, & call it a day. With AMD nipping at their heels & stealing bites of their market share, it means Intel has to do some actual work to stay in a potential buyer's Rolodex.

"Let's see. I need a small server. I can get one from Intel for a couple thousand £££... or I can get one from AMD for HALF? Fek Intel! I'm calling AMD..."

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