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"Mostly because the old-style init system doesn't cope all that well with systems that move from network to network."

It is absolutely attitudes like this that resulted in the black hole that is systemd.

What relation does the DHCP client have to the init system? Hint: absolutely nothing. The init system or "suite" as they're calling it, should NOT be responsible for DHCP.

"Old-style init system[s]" are not at fault for network issues when a proper roaming DHCP client is not installed, wpa_supplicant isn't configured, etc. I have been using Alpine Linux on my laptop for a while now—no GNU, no FreeDesktop, no Poettering. udhcpc comes with busybox and works absolutely fine, in conjunction with wpa_supplicant and a trigger script to automatically re-run udhcpc when a network change is detected.

init should get the system going and nothing else. Maybe a function of the solution will work as a service manager, and maybe it will start your networking for you. At that point, if your network client is not smart enough to figure out how to reconnect to a network then it is that application's fault and not the init.

"These days networking is essential to the basic functionality of most computers; I think there's a good argument that it doesn't make much sense to treat it as a second-class citizen."

What does that even mean? Are you implying systemd-networkd is a superior solution? When it just had a potentially dangerous exploit patched??? It's rather presumptuous to consider alternative, non-systemd DHCP softwares to be the equivalent of "second-class citizen[s]".

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