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"People who don't like systemd are autists. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, you just can't deal with change"

Sorry buddy, but that's retarded and the supporters are too. There's nothing but faults in it, starting from the "Lennart-boy wants to manage every-fucking-thing" -attitude. While he obviously isn't able to do that. but that's personal, not really important.

His attitude to users with 30 years more experience in maintenance he'll ever get?

*They don't know anything*

That's a paddlin': Egomaniac fucking everything just because he likes it, not for any actual reason.

What is important is that a change from manageable to binary blob no-one understands, not even Lennart himself, running as root all the time and having its tentacles everyfuckingwhere_is not what we want_.

No-one except Lennart himself wanted that and even he just because of gigantic ego, not for any real reason.

First rule of good programming is always KISS.

There hasn't been anyone for a long time who has been wiping their collectives asses with that rule as systemd-idiots, Lennart specifially, and they will fail eventually as it is already totally unmanageable piece of shitty spaghetti code, which no-one has ever really understood. Not even Lennart, no matter how much he boasts about it.

KISS is the rule you can't beat. No-one has and I'm quite sure no-one will. No matter how much you feel like a wizard or believe other people being.

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