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Mostly because the old-style init system doesn't cope all that well with systems that move from network to network. It works for systems with a static IP, or that do a DHCP request at boot, but it falls down on anything more dynamic.

Funny. I used to cart laptops between home and worksites, often only 'sleeping' between sites. Never had a problem with the wired or wireless network changes. Only times there was an issue was when the network itself had issues. This was back when I had to put nearly a week's wages on a PCMCIA card to even get wireless into the laptop. Still got the matching PCMCIA card that provided the wired network BTW.

Don't recall init having much to do with it. The system certainly seemed quite capable of figuring out it was on a new network and checking out what was there.

Of course back then there were few wireless spots and most computers stayed where they were put. A glorius age before the demon spawns of google and potty-thing were known. Though I think we may've had "Poor users loose sound every time" in there somewhere.

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