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>It's entirely possible to have a Linux system without bash.

Yep I do run OpenWRT on my router at home (dual boot with LMDE on desktop at home to be fair as well). I know people love GNU and they have done many great things but after supporting HP-UX production systems at work very sad to see real UNIX disappearing outside the BSDs and even they are under threat. The GNU tool set is also often more bloated and buggier than the original UNIX utilities. Plus Red Hat took advantage of GNU/Linux to basically kill off POSIX. Sad to see how more and more FOSS is becoming dependent on the Linux kernel. Linux is the future but more due to bean counters than being technologically superior. My HP-UX systems have never crashed in 5+ years I have been responsible for them. Some that is down to the high build quality of the hardware but rock solid software than is specifically made for that hardware is a big part of the equation also.

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