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The article is messy and contrived and nowhere near some of Mr Dabbs' better efforts, but he does pick out a stinging point of concern: the appearance of rising anti-intellectualism and dismisal fo expertise in the "educated", "civilised" west. It's one thing for a bunch of religion-stoned goatshaggers to be hostile to science, but it is positively baffling to see the same thing in Britain, a home of the Enlightenment, and the US, the world's pre-eminent nation of scientific achievement.

What's going on?

We have cretins like Michael Gove saying "we've had enough of experts" (no, actually, we've had enough of you, Mr Gove, with your incessant lies and staggering incompetence), the vaccine-conspiracy idiots, and Dumb-as-a-stump-Trump bleating ignorant tosh about climate chnage, which he can barely even spell.

Is it the internet, letting people imagine they understand a complex topic because they've read a Wiki article? Resentment by the less educated, left-behind? Exploitation of ignorance and fostering of bigotry by vile populist politicians? Air pollution giving us new generations with lukewarm IQs?

We live in a world that exists only because of science, many of whose critics are alive only because of science, and yet this breathtaking ignorance and foolishness abounds.

I ask again: what the hell is happening??

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