Reply to post: heh my dear dad got it also...too funny

Sorry friends, I'm afraid I just can't quite afford the Bitcoin to stop that vid from leaking everywhere


heh my dear dad got it also...too funny

cue phone call from a 78 year old freaking out because it states his password (or part of) in the claim, not that hes been surfing porn......again....<sigh> thank F for Webroot web console ;)

Dad, its fake, dammit....yes thats part of your password but not all of it, thats an old one, lemme guess its your facebook pwd.....Gotcha.

how to prevent it further? Easy dad

1) stop watching bloody porn, your married to my mum!

2) get the F off of facebook!

3) use that bloody password manager i set up for you, and stop using same password for everything!

4) let me look at metaheader data...ok got real senders, address, sit back and watch this dad.

cue me emailing to say ill never find you eh, you potato sucking ukranian fucktard, you picked an infosec engineers dad to try your shite on, get ready for a deluge of gay pron to your "untracable address" you script kiddy retard. enjoy the buttplug on its way to you ;)

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