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Mourning Apple's war against sockets? The 2018 Mac mini should be your first port of call

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Well... if you're looking at gaming laptops, then you're probably running Winblows. That tells me everything I need to know. Or you're running Linux, which means you really should know better than to spout this nonsense.

The Mini runs OSX, which is in itself a huge reason to cover it seriously. Not to mention the fact that it's most likely better designed in terms of heat dissipation and other reliability factors than your laptop. My 2013 mini's doing just fine with everything I throw at it, thanks, and has outlasted several non-Mac laptops.

Price isn't everything. Some of us "mainstream professional power users" are willing to pay for an OS and a platform that works the first time, every time, rather than disposable hardware and a marginal, if ubiquitous, excuse for an OS.

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