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Mourning Apple's war against sockets? The 2018 Mac mini should be your first port of call

Lee D Silver badge

As I proved recently on another forum, for the same price (of all the models available) I can get a PC that out-performs the Mac for a-half-to-a-third of the price - and that usually a laptop with an HD screen to boot!

It's another Apple "designer" product, and I don't see why anyone would touch them, nor why Reg would cover it at all seriously.

"mainstream professional power users"... yeah, right. The kind of people who want to buy a machine that can barely cope in its default config, where the highest config is comparable to a run-of-the-mill PC and where the graphics card is an optional extra because it only has the Intel HD graphics...

Literally for the same price I can get a gaming laptop that'll knock every feature it has for six. Or I could buy a desktop (no monitor) that'll wipe the floor with it so badly the poor thing wouldn't be able to network with it from embarrassment.

Honestly, stop bigging up their over-priced peddled trash.

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