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As many of us have been saying, the sudden switch to SystemD was rather quick, perhaps you guys need to go investigate why it really happened, don't assume you know, go dig and you will find the answers, it's rather scary ...

Indeed, it was rather quick and is very scary.

But there's really no need to dig much, just reason it out.

It's like a follow the money situation of sorts.

I'll try to sum it up in three short questions:

Q1: Hasn't the Linux philosophy (programs that do one thing and do it well) been a success?

A1: Indeed, in spite of the many init systems out there, it has been a success in stability and OS management. And it can easily be tested and debugged, which is an essential requirement.

Q2: So what would Linux need to have the practical equivalent of the registry in Windows for?

A2: So that whatever the registry does in/to Windows can also be done in/to Linux.

Q3: I see. And just who would want that to happen? Makes no sense, it is a huge step backwards.

A3: ....



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