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Damnit BB --- You're STEALING MY lowercase and UPPERCASE musings! How can ANYONE distinguish my writings form yours now??? To illustrate that I not-so-humbly DISAGREE that Microsoft is crappola, I must add in a defence of Microsoft by saying that Active Directory system is the BEST network shag-fest-supportting administration system out there --- BAR NONE !!!!

Being able to EASILY MAKE AND PUSH a single or multiple Group Policies from a SINGLE central server (or from my super-DUPER remote client station acting as the Enterprise Domain Admin) out to EVERY sub-server and client on a global basis, HAS NO EQUAL in Red Hat, SuSE or ANY OTHER FLAVOUR of Linux!!!! Yes! I'm biased because as a geek-head located but two hours drive from MS headquarters, I do prefer dealing with a more local company...BUT... I do see this acquisition of Red Hat by IBM as a tidal wave of destruction coming soon to the smaller shops who use RH for their internal systems, dev-ops and cloud-like servers.

IBM will KILL Red Hat in less than five years if they so much interfere with ANY employee functions and coder happiness...THEY WILL ALL LEAVE and there goes all of Red Hat's value and goodwill! IBM has killed so many companies in the 20 years (Lotus, PWC, etc) that I don't see anything good for current RH employees UNLESS you have stock which you can vest as soon as the deal goes through! I say to them RETIRE RICH WHILE YOU CAN !!!!

The question now, is WHAT COMES AFTER RED HAT?? --- Maybe this is the best news for Microsoft future growth since their own introduction of Active Directory and Azure! It ain't cheap to run an MS server system, but IT SURE IS EASY TO DO SO from an admin's perspective!

The ONLY THING GOOD about IBM's stock play for RH, is that IBM's Power-9 and Power-10 CPU architectures will FINALLY be having a good look over from the DEV-OPS community. Those CPU's ARE MUCH SUPERIOR to INTEL/AMD. If ONLY MS would put Windows 2016/1019 on those CPU's!!!

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