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Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

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You don't really think banks will change from x86 to Power because IBM has bought RedHat do you?

Probably not, but it likely will kill any of RedHat's work on Arm. IBM will want to push them to stick to Power development.

First, IBM will be hands off. At least for the first year it will be a separate company.

Based on the PR and statements made by IBM, they will not touch Red Hat (RH). They know that if they do, their investment will go poof as the people walk away and go work for someone else.

Second... the deal itself makes no sense.

What's the play?

They say its for the cloud, but really?

They say its for an open cloud / hybrid experience. Buying RH doesn't add to this when they could have partnered.

As to hardware, IBM got out of that long ago. IBM sells whatever they can sell and the sales reps will sell the most of anything where they get the highest compensation. (e.g. Forget DB2, we make more money from Websphere and we don't have to deal with competing against Oracle, which we also sell... )

So I wouldn't worry about Arm architecture. .

But don't worry, IBM will screw it up... They always do...

Posted Anon because I still remember my serial number...

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