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Countless examples of bad news for acquired company

I was part of a decent sized acquisition they did. Sales was all gone or left within 3 months, then core founders, then came in and crushed culture and business. Revenues dropped and I was on many calls where “we thought you were dead” was how the things started. I left after trying to find an envelope to mail out some customer assets in. Was told no more local office supplies but I could request one via online work order. I say screw this and left. Should have started looking after the announcement but gave it time. Never again. Same promises and press releases over a decade later. Things will change dramatically, you will assimilate, innovation is tangled with arrogant bureaucracy, and the thing you loved about your company dies. The former ceo and founders will stay on for a year then leave. Sorry for those that wanted good news.

As to the redhat product and portfolio, it will stall on any innovation for years. Support for customers will dwindle slowly. New features micromanaged. Get ready for difficult contracting and IBM client execs holding deals hostage unless you buy other ibm products and services. I just don’t know where this ends well for RHEL shops.

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