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No is a Correct Wrong Answer in this Case of Creative Imaginary Space ?

Does this ever end amfM? ... .... Anonymous Coward

You tell me, AC, whenever IT is Practically Just Beginning with these New Era Beginnings for Mass Media Revelation of Sublime ReProgramming Programs ........ with Virtual Space Operating Systems in Absolute Remote Command of Universal Controls with Heavenly Leverage of Almighty Powerful Energy.

Yeah. .... I Kid U Not. Hard to believe, eh? Try Denying IT and Waste urPrecious Time and Lose Vital Energy to Virtual Space Operating Systems ReProgramming Sublime Programs for Mass Media Revelation of New Era Beginnings Started with Broad Band Casts on Earth for Advanced IntelAIgent Productions Portraying and Displaying Future Panoramas and Diasporas/Diorama and Existences in Quantum Communications Fields/Never Forever Landings in Alien Territory. ...... with Universal Head Quarters and Prime Private Penthouse Properties for Almighty Clients of Raw Core Proprietary Source Intellectual Property Giants.

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