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The D in Systemd stands for 'Dammmmit!' A nasty DHCPv6 packet can pwn a vulnerable Linux box

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This has nothing to do nor with IPv6 nor even SystemD - it's another developer copying arbitrary data into arbitrary buffers without a clue about what he's doing (and I'm sure he's male) and thereby without any proper check - because someone told him Unix and C are acts of some kind god and can't be broken nor they will ever have bugs. As this event underlines.

I had problem with other Linux DHCP library - IPv4 included , especially on embedded systems, as soon as the DHCP server returned more options than what the developer thought was "common" - and thereby allocated too small buffers and blindly copied data within. Bad developers don't work for Microsoft only.

As an old friend of mine often said - "never trust input" - and often means your own brain input...

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