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"Why can't straight white guys just be civil and realise not everyone got handed a golden ticket at birth?"

Not meaning to upset you but there are those who will automatically take anything said by a white male as being suspect. No, let me rephrase that: who will automatically assume anything thought by him will be suspect even if he harbours, let alone voices, no such thoughts. Such an approach is, of course, just as sexist and racist as that of which the victim is being accused and it's appropriate to point that out, along with the casual ageism which usually accompanies it

Your implied assumption that every straight white guy got handed a golden ticket at birth* is just an example of this. White male children from poor families in the UK today are reported to be the most disadvantaged in terms of educational outcomes. It's contrary to that applied assumption but it would be equally wrong to assume that each such child will inevitably go on to become an illiterate benefits dependent.

*Speaking personally I grew up for the first 14 years in a house which had no electricity, no mains drainage, initially no mains water, few books, not enough bedrooms for the three generations of extended family it housed and in which the cooking facilities were a double gas ring and a C19th coal-fired range replaced eventually by a second hand 1920s model. Could have been worse, many were. While the competitive Yorkshiremen is an amusing sketch there was an underlying reality.

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