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"Poor syntax and grammar are deliberate. They're used to weed out those who might stop and think "

People say that but I'm not convinced. I sent back a wind-up to one of the Indian "improve your website" spams (originating IP address from an Indian ISP. OK?). This eventually lead to a reply assuring me they had English and Australian offices. StreetView revealed the English branch to be at the same address as a language school (the irony!) in Longsight, Manchester and they listed a number of sites as examples of their work.

The writing varied from almost idiomatic to totally unique. The worst one appeared to have constructed sentences by making lists in random order of the words needed in the sentence, starting to arrange them and after the first two or three abandoning the job as too difficult, leaving the rest where they lay and moving on to do the same with the next sentence.

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