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Hmm, I have just Autumn cleaned my spam folder and I have absolutely NOTHING of this sort. I think it's a generational thing. I'm a crusty 52 and can remember the web being invented and what went before like Fetch.

My eldest was always complaining her email accounts kept being unusable because of spam but she was the only family member so afflicted. We all had addresses on the same ISP, all dependent on my main account but only her's was so afflicted.

I take perverse pleasure in going elsewhere if you require me to create login just to browse and get uppity on there not being a guest login feature.

Also I use a different password for each site, they are all phrase initials and I use a variety of them. Except my banking logins are different again, they are quite abstruse.

It's like sex and disk sanitation back when we were always putting discs into machines. I remember when AIDS developed as well as nVir (so date me).

As a matter of interest my login here is really ancient, from way back before I got all initialised. Knowing that one will only allow you to impersonate me on here. Others of that vintage are probably associated with work email addresses long defunct so no use to man, beast or cybercrook.

I remember when, having JANET accounts (Big Fat Pipe) we used to threaten spammers with humungous email files unless they desisted. How the world changes.

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