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Internet of Giant S@#$tty Stuff

"as a matter of practice, construction crews should be keeping their cranes and other Wi-Fi controlled equipment air-gapped on a separate, non-internet network with its own firewall. Basically, nobody but crews should even have access to the network, let alone the equipment itself .. if everyone is doing their jobs right a real-world exploit would be extremely difficult to pull off."

Ahahahahaha... ha... *sob* 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

Even hospitals don't bother securing their networks and critical equipment properly. The security hygiene I've seen at construction companies could be compared to going condomless in Haiti while suffering from open sores and lacerations, and then rolling around in a sewage ditch for good measure. Nobody is doing security right because that would cost money for a full time guy who knows what he's doing. And then they'd have to tell him when there was new equipment instead of just throwing something together with all the defaults.

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