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"1. Awful confusing UX - damn, just trying to do a screenshot of part of the screen requires a 'Snipping' app with a 1980s UX."

You're wrong there, buddy.

Snipping Tool is going to be deprecated soon, though it's still there. There are other ways of taking screenshots in Windows.

PrintScreen button takes a full screen screenshot and places it on clipboard.

Alt+PrtScrn copies the active window to clipboard.

Win+PrtScrn takes full screen screenshot and saves it automatically in the documents folder.

Win+Shift+S gives you a built-in snipping tool without a UI - the result goes to clipboard.

"2. Slows down a lot, despite having 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, i7 8th gen etc etc. (And it's not HP's fault."

Slows down how? HP preloads several, rather useless programs in their computers, I wouldn't give HP a free pass that quickly.

"3. Windows keep vanishing across my monitors. 4. Crashes constantly, requiring a re-start. Etc."

Vanishes? I don't understand your problem.

Windows crashes *very* rarely and you can usually point the crashes on either bad hardware or some bad drivers. Windows crashes ("BSOD") produce crash dumps which can be deciphered (to a degree) with the Blue Screen Viewer. I'd also check HP's support pages for your laptop.

Of course, you're free to try Linux on that laptop and see if works better...

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