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Windows CE wasn't great, perhaps, but it was stable and did run for mobile PDA-type things. You could use the applications on them, and you could load others. It provided a common platform for applications that would run regardless of device peculiarities, and with some support for modern (of the time) hardware. You could also get some interaction between the mobile device and computer that actually worked, sort of. What other mobile OS had that at the time? As I recall, most of them worked but only with their own programs, or weren't compatible with much else. I think it could have provided Microsoft with a very good entrance into mobile computing, although we'll never know because they threw it away with Windows Phone 7. Still, there are a lot of embedded devices that still run it (I don't know why).

As for normal windows, I've never really loved it, but most versions were acceptable until windows 8. That's when they didn't just alter the interface, but instead crumpled it up and started over. I'd have to give windows 10 a slight edge over windows 8 in the interface department, but that's like saying that it's closer to the top of Mt. Everest because it's standing on a phone book. Meanwhile, everything else still managed to get worse with the release of windows 10.

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